Weekly reservations are Saturday to Saturday and flexible in spring and fall.

A Short stay begins or ends on a Saturday and can be reserved within 60 days of the arrival date.
Short stay reservations are flexible in spring and fall. Call for our waiting list.
HOLIDAY DEAL: get 2 nights FREE when you book the week prior to Memorial and Labor Day.
GETAWAY SPECIAL: for 1-2 people max and take 15% off of your stay see Cabins #0, 1, 4, 5 & 8.


CabinBdrmsBase rate includes # peopleMax occupancy includes 2 on futon or 1 on twin sleeper. Extra $ applyMay 12 -
June 3

3 - 10
10 - 24
June 24 - Aug 5August
5 - 19
Aug 19 -
Sept 4
Sept 4 -
Oct 1
#0 Fox24 or less5 to 6$950/wk $160/day$1095/wk $185/day$1190/wk $200/day$1385/wk $230/day$1190/wk $200/day$1140/wk $190/day$950/wk $160/day
#1 Hummingbird24 or less5 to 6$950/wk $160/day$1095/wk $185/day$1190/wk $200/day$1385/wk $230/day$1190/wk $200/day$1140/wk $190/day$950/wk $160/day
#2 Walleye48 or less9 to 13$1485/wk $250/day$1715/wk $285/day$1840/wk $305/day$2145/wk $360/day$1840/wk $305/day$1805/wk $300/day$1485/wk $250/day
#3 Bear36 or less7 to 8$1315/wk $220/day$1515/wk $255/day$1625/wk $270/day$1870/wk $310/day$1625/wk $270/day$1555/wk $260/day$1315/wk $220/day
#4 Ladyslipper24 or less5 to 6$1030/wk $170/day$1185/wk $195/day$1280/wk $215/day$1485/wk $250/day$1280/wk $215/day$1235/wk $205/day$1030/wk $170/day
#5 Heron24 or less5 to 6$1030/wk $170/day$1185/wk $195/day$1280/wk $215/day$1485/wk $250/day$1280/wk $215/day$1235/wk $205/day$1030/wk $170/day
#6 Eagle deluxe48 or less9 to 10$1925/wk $320/day$2225/wk $370/day
$2390/wk $395/day$2785/wk $465/day$2390/wk $395/day$2315/wk $385/day$1925/wk $320/day
#7 Loon48 or less9 to 10$1430/wk $240/day$1660/wk $275/day$1785/wk $295/day$2085/wk $350/day$1785/wk $295/day$1750/wk $290/day$1430/wk $240/day
#8 Sunflower24 or less5 to 6$1030/wk $170/day$1185/wk $195/day$1280/wk $215/day$1485/wk $250/day$1280/wk $215/day$1235/wk $205/day$1030/wk $170/day
#9 Dragonfly deluxe38 or less9 to 13$1925/wk $320/day$2225/wk $370/day$2390/wk $395/day$2785/wk $465/day$2390/wk $395/day$2315/wk $385/day$1925/wk $320/day
#10 Moose deluxe38 or less9 to 13$1925/wk $320/day$2225/wk $370/day$2390/wk $395/day$2785/wk $465/day$2390/wk $395/day$2315/wk $385/day$1925/wk $320/day
Holiday Deal, get 2 Nts FREE w/ Full WeekAny Cabin May
20 - 29
---- Aug 26 -
Sept 4
Labor Day
Getaway Special ~ take 15% off22 or less See Cabins #0, 1, 4, 5, 815% off-----15% off


DEPOSITS: 50% of the total lodging rate is required when placing a reservation. We accept Check, Cash, MasterCard, Visa and Discover. We will mail you a reservation receipt to be signed confirming that your deposit has been placed along with a copy for your records.

All Balances including tax, boat/motor rentals, extra person charges etc. are paid on arrival. Also at this time a valid credit card will be recorded on file if for any reason your reserved cabin is left excessively dirty and requires extra cleaning or if any property damage occurs due to your stay; you will be notified and your credit card will be charged accordingly with a $200 cleaning fee, damage repair fee or replacement costs.

Extra Person: ~FREE~ Children ages 1 and under at the time of vacation are FREE and do count in the total number of people in the cabin, please provide their birth date. Any number of persons over the base rate is charged $25.00 per person per day. Our check-in time is anytime from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on your arrival day and our check-out time is anytime before 9:00 a.m.

Peak Season:
No early arrivals or late departures permitted (from June 3 – Sept 4, 2017 Labor Day).

Off-Peak Season:
Prior to your arrival arrangements can be made to change the check-in and/or check-out times if availability permits.

1/6 of a full week rate applies to an existing reservation if availability allows. Rates do not reflect MN state sales tax.

LODGE Hours 8:00 am – 9:00 pm. Serving specialty coffees, baked goods, pizza, dipped ice cream sundaes & cones and possibly more. Also the Lodge will have indoor games & coin-operated games, souvenir merchandise, bait & tackle, ice and pop and a Fitness Center with Ellipticals & Treadmills. Our on-site Laundry facility includes high efficiency soap, $5 per load. Groceries and fishing licenses can be purchased at a country store within 2 miles or travel 15 miles to Park Rapids for additional shopping.

(subject to change at anytime without prior notice)

Cancellations: Deposit is refunded when opening(s) created by your cancellation is refilled at full value season rates, less a $75 processing fee per unit cancelled.

Registration & Visitors: Bear Paw is a private facility maintained entirely for the use of our registered guests. Day Visitors, with prior notice, must register upon arrival and will be charged our extra persons fee of $25.00 per person per day based on Cabin occupancy. Please inform your visitors of resort policies, as they apply to everyone on resort property. Bear Paw reserves the right to limit visitors based on the Resort’s occupancy. The maximum occupancy applies to all ages.

Quiet Hours: Our policy is that it is quiet time from 10 pm through 8 am so we can maintain a quiet family resort. This also prohibits any loud parties or excessive drinking that could disrupt the vacations of other resort guests. For the peace, safety, and enjoyment of all our guests, we do not permit Fireworks, Jet skis, or Pets of any kind at our Resort or on our property. There are NO exceptions. Playground hours are 8:00 am to Sunset.

Resort Safety: We have speed bumps in place throughout our Resort which has provided a “peace of mind” to many of our parents of little ones that love to run freely throughout. We will continue to ask of our guests to drive in and out at idle speed 5mph. Thank you for all your help in keeping our resort a safe place for families of all ages. Bicycles are welcomed, but please remain on the driveways and roadways respecting privacy of other guests.