Frequently asked Questions

DO YOU HAVE WiFi? – Yes, and you can access it from your cabin.

DO YOU HAVE TV’s IN THE CABIN? – Yes, DirecTV Satellite along with a DVD player to use with your FREE movie sign-out at the Lodge.

DO THE CABINS HAVE THEIR OWN CAMPFIRE PITS? – No they don’t. We have 2 very large community campfire pits at each of the beach locations that are built into the ground allowing for several levels of seating and can accommodate many. We set these up every evening weather permitting and supply all the wood and there are roasting sticks available.

DO YOU HAVE ROOM TO PARK OUR BOAT TRAILER AT THE CABIN? Yes, you can park at your cabin. We work with all of our guests to accommodate their parking needs.

DO YOU HAVE A PLACE TO DO LAUNDRY? – Yes, we have a laundry facility that contains a full size residential High Efficiency front load washer and dryer. It costs $5.00 for a wash & dry load and that includes the basic Tide detergent. You are welcome to bring your own detergent and “He” type is requested.

CAN ANYONE USE THE FITNESS CENTER? – Yes, but only 16 years and older and need to be a registered guest of Bear Paw Resort.

ARE THERE ANY SCHEDULED ACTIVITIES? – Only one and that is a complimentary Ice Cream Sundae Social on Sunday at 1:30 at the Lodge.

DO YOU SELL ICE? – Yes, we have 5 lb, 10 lb, and 20 lb bags of ice at the Lodge.

DO YOU SELL POP? – Yes, there is a Pepsi Machine at the Lodge.

DO YOU SELL BAIT? Yes we usually have Crawlers, Leeches and different sizes of Minnows.

DO YOU SELL FISHING LICENSES? – No we do not. You can purchase them online through the MN DNR site or at the Two Inlets Country Store within 2 miles. Also there are several places in town where you can purchase them as well.

DO YOU HAVE A FISH CLEANING HOUSE? – Yes, and the house has a rinse sink and a island table that can accommodate up to 6 people. There is overhead electric for those who like to use electric knives and there are complimentary fillet knives and electric knives available to use as well. Newspaper is provided for you to wrap the fish guts and dispose into the designated can. The house is cleaned daily to keep it fresh.

DO YOU CLEAN, WRAP AND FREEZE FISH FOR THE GUESTS? – No, sorry we don’t. The Refrigerators in the cabins are full size and have decent size freezers.

CAN YOU STILL GET OUT ON THE LAKE IF YOU HAVE WINDY WEATHER? – Yes, unless it is a major 40mph onshore windy day. Otherwise there are many places to get out of the wind to fish.

IS THE LAKE GOOD FOR FISHING? – Yes, we have a very clean lake free of aquatic invasive species and depths to 60 ft. The lake is a cold water lake and all fish species taste excellent, even the Northern Pike! We have Northerns, Walleye, Largemouth Bass, Crappie, Bluegill, Perch, Rockbass, and some typical bottom feeders.


DO YOU HAVE ANY NETS, FISH BASKETS, OR MINNOW BUCKETS TO BORROW? – Yes, just let us know in advance if you have any of these needs.

DO YOU HAVE A LAUNCHING RAMP? – Two Inlets Lake has one DNR public launching ramp on the West side of the Lake.

CAN I GET BOAT GAS AT THE RESORT? Yes we have 91 Octane available and we can fill your built-in tanks at the dock.

IS THE LAKE BIG ENOUGH FOR SKIING AND TUBING? – Yes it is. There is enough room to recreational tow out in the middle along with fishing in bays.

DO YOU HAVE AN AIR COMPRESSOR FOR BLOWING UP TUBES? – Yes, just come to the Lodge to borrow the compressor.

DO YOU RENT TUBES OR SKIIS? No, but you can contact R & R Rental in Park Rapids (218-732-5670) and rent these at very reasonable rates.

DO YOU HAVE WATER TOYS? – Yes and they are FREE for recreational use only; you can’t use them for fishing.

DO YOU HAVE LIFE JACKETS? – Yes, and in all sizes including infants with the pillow support behind their head. Life Jackets are free to borrow and required to be worn using any of our Free water toys except the 20ft Rave Bongo. We also provide the Life Jackets for our Boat Rentals. Just come to the Lodge to sign one out and keep it at your cabin throughout your stay and return them on your last day.

IS YOUR BEACH NICE? – Yes, we rake our shoreline daily keeping it clean. We have a sandy beach that enters the lake with a pebble and sand mix with a gradual slope – no drop offs.

Yes, but we ask that you ride them on the driveways and not around guests cabins or through the activity areas respecting privacy. There are also nice bike trails in Park Rapids and in Itasca State Park along with Bike Rental shops at both locations.
– Itasca Sports Inc, Itasca State Park
– Northern Cycle, Park Rapids (Heartland Bike Trail)

ARE THERE ANY GOLF COURSES NEAR BY? Yes, there is a 9 hole par 3 within 3 tenths of a mile walking distance and several more in Park Rapids.
– Blueberry Pines Golf, Menahga (ask us about guest coupon)
– Headwaters Country Club, Park Rapids (ask us about guest coupon)
– Bears Den Golf Course, Park Rapids

ARE THERE ANY GROCERY STORES CLOSE? – Yes we have a Two Inlets Country Store within 2 miles and then in Park Rapids (15 mile drive) we have three 24hr / 7 stores: Hugo’s, Coborn’s and Walmart.

CAN WE SET OFF FIREWORKS? – No fireworks are permitted.

DO YOU ALLOW PETS? – No pets of any kind are permitted on the property or at the Resort.

CAN WE BRING A JET SKI? – No jet skis are permitted on the property or at the Resort.

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